A Deadly Game

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A Deadly Game

Private investigator Nick Fallon finds that life can present you with an unpleasant reminder that the past sometimes isn't always meant to stay there. When an old enemy from Pennsylvania escapes prison and starts his revenge again those who put him there, Nick must decide what to do because he knows his friends and love ones aren't safe as long as Garcia is on the loose.

Nick is all too aware of Garcia's madness and ruthless tactics. So, he knows that his partner Eric Jamieson isn't safe from Garcia's plots. While trying to find Garcia though Eric is injured by Garcia. Can Nick save Eric or will Garcia have his revenge after all?

A Deadly Game was a fast ride on a roller coaster with its plot twists and ups and downs. The story line will have you spinning in a wonderful way. The author did a great job with the madness of Garcia and the plot of Nick trying to save Eric from the bad man. I would recommend this one for those who like a wild ride of a story with a lot of heat and passion. Nick and Eric's love makes for a real good read. I will put this one on my keeper shelf to be taken out again and again for the good read it is.

Book Blurb for A Deadly Game

Nick Fallon, private investigator, gets a rude awakening when his past life unexpectedly catches up with him. Four years earlier, Nick, then a member of the Pittsburgh Police Department, was instrumental in arresting Francisco Garcia, a drug dealer and cold-blooded murderer.
Now, Garcia has escaped from death-row, intent on making good his threat of reprisal for the death of his son in the shootout that brought down his notorious empire---a confrontation that also claimed the life of Nick's close friend, Sam Valance.
Nick, only too aware of Garcia's ruthless and cunning tactics, fears for the safety of his family and his lover, Eric Jamieson. Nick knows in order to protect those he loves he cannot, for one moment afford to let down his guard, until Garcia is either apprehended---or dead.
A Deadly Game is an erotic thrill ride, filled with danger, excitement and suspense.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25