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Detective Julian Anders is on a case. The vivisectionists finds that Richie England is a psychic that claims to have information on where to find the next body. Julian isn't too sure if he believes in psychics or not but when his information proves to be true Julian and his partner decide to use Richie as they can. Julian though fights his attraction for Richie thinking the boy is too young for him.
Richie can't believe the instant attraction that pops up between him and Julian. It happens so fast and he is wary though he is glad when he and Julian share more that a few hot kisses.
When the killer gets a look at Richie, Julian is afraid that Richie will be his next victim and tries to protect him as best he can.
Neither can see what the forces behind the killer, but they are getting closer and the situation.
Will Julian and Richie be able to overcome those forces to save each other or will they be to late and be in even more grave danger.
2050 was a phenomenal story with love scenes that sparked. It’s a hot and steamy read just perfect for anyone looking for something spicy and satisfying. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. This is one of those books I will read over and over. It’s got a place on my virtual bookshelf and I’ll be recommending it to other readers. WOW!!!

Book Blurb for 2050

Length: Eclipse (61K words)
Visions of blood and death haunt Richie England. A new serial killer is stalking the city, and Richie finds himself in the middle of a frightening pyschological battle with the killer and the spectres behind the evil.
As the detective in charge of the Vivisectionist case, the last thing Julian Anders needs is a damn psychic telling him about visions. When another body is found, Julian is forced to accept Richie's help. The killer has seen Richie, and with his life at stake, both Julian and Richie need to find the answers and the killer before it's too late.






Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00