Diana Nostrum is the daughter of Frank Nostrum, Mina Cove’s resident vampire slayer. But he’s gone too far.

The vampires of Mina’s Cove, some the direct descendants of Dracula, have decided that Frank must pay. And what better way to pay then to turn his daughter into what he hunts and kills.

Sebastian has been recruited by his not so nice mother to avenge his step-brother’s death by giving Diana a drop of his blood, and then leaving her to go mad from hunger.

But fate has other plans for Diana and Sebastian. Sebastian gets to know Diana and he isn’t quite so sure that she is guilty of aiding her father in luring vampires to her father’s trap as his mother believes. And as time goes on, it turns out that mom has some ulterior motives herself.

Undeniable was a great story, I enjoyed it from start to finish. Sebastian is a wonderful hero who has some troubles along the way with trust. (Though, with a mother like his, a bit understandable) The characters are all worthy of stories of their own, especially Angelina and Damian!

This book had me captivated all the way through, even had me in tears. And as I like to say, that’s the sign of a great book! This is the first book of Doreen Orsini’s that I’ve read, but I’ll definitely be going back for more! And the love scenes were hot!

Book Blurb for Undeniable

The vampires of Mina’s Cove have passed sentence. The vampire hunter’s daughter will pay for his crimes by becoming the very creature he hunts. Chosen to pass a drop of his blood then deny her, Sebastian is warned that Diana may be the one luring vampires into her father’s trap.

After one night, Sebastian realizes he would follow Diana into the light of dawn for just one more kiss…one more touch…one more taste. How can he refuse to sate her hunger when he’s grown addicted to her sweet blood and body? How can he destroy the woman he doubts even knows about her father’s crimes, the woman born to be his forever?

Diana believes she’s finally found her soul mate. But Sebastian only comes to her after the sun sets. A dark phantom she cannot resist. A lover whose scorching kisses sate a hunger that nearly drives her mad. She’d offer her body and soul to him, she’d tell him anything…except her father’s secrets.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Hunting Diana.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75