Twisted Irish

Sinners & Saints Book 4

“Twisted Irish” is the fourth book in the Sinners and Saints series. I’ll admit, once again, that I’m new to the series and this is the first book, but after reading this one, I’ll definitely be buying the rest of the books in the series! Sara Brooks did a great job of endearing me to the characters, gluing me to the pages, and assuring that I became hooked on her writing so much that she’s joined my one-click club!

Olivia Woo is a computer coder who is also an adrenaline junkie. She’s done lots of wild things like go to the moon and drive and win the Indy 500...In a simulator of course.

When her boss sees that she’s at work late on Valentine’s weekend, he whisks her off to a party at his MC’s clubhouse. Olivia sneaks off into the clubhouse and manages to find a locked room. Considering she helped her boss design the lock, she manages to get in and finds out it’s a dungeon. Jon Swagger, club member and dominant sees Olivia being naughty in the dungeon and decides to deal with her.

Swagger has a taste of Olivia, and decides he wants to keep her. But he has secrets to share first.

This was a smoking hot read and the relationship between Swagger and Olivia was great! I’m looking forward to playing catch-up!

Book Blurb for Twisted Irish

Trusting him could be dangerous, but loving him could prove deadly...

The Riding Irish Valentine’s Day cookout is the perfect place to fall in love. Except Olivia doesn’t have time for complicated emotions. She just wants a man who is capable of making her wildest fantasies come true. Problem is, she’s convinced the twisted lover she desires doesn’t exist in the real world.

The moment Swagger spies the mysterious woman who broke into the secret dungeon at the clubhouse, he knows he must have her. Even though he is drawn to her adventurous spirit, she isn’t enough to make him forget his killer past. Using the dark as his ally, Swagger is determined to give Olivia the experience of a lifetime. She may have no idea who he is, but her erotic surrender could be the key to finding a way to atone for his past sins.

When a freak tornado brings chaos to an already torrid love affair, Swagger will have to fight the blackness shrouding his heart and soul. The whole world may be falling apart around them, but Swagger will do anything to protect Olivia. Anything to make her his.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50