Total Depravity

Natasha is bored with her life, despondant, sick of existing. She had no real friends or family. So one day as she walks down the street she finds a paper with an auction for a sex slavery auction. She quickly joins and is bought by a vampire, Jack, or Jacques as she calls him. But he feeds not only on blood but lust and fear, and Natasha doesn't quite have enough for him. He gives her to Richard, the werewolf, who she soon learns to open up more of herself to than she ever thought possible.

Total Depravity was an enjoyable short read and was well written. Not your typical vampire lore, and the BDSM in this was a little on the rough side, but if you like that sort of thing, this book is for you. There is some M/M sex here as well. Again, not my usual fare, but done well.

Book Blurb for Total Depravity

Bored with life, Natasha happens upon a sex auction house. She understands the danger of the place, but for the first time in forever, she feels alive. A vampire buys her, and he wants her fear—blood and sex aren’t his only sustenance. But when her fear isn’t enough to feed him, he gives her to his imprisoned wolf.

It’s with Richard the wolf that Natasha discovers things she’s never imagined. Things about life, herself and the reason there’s always been an unrelenting itch so deep inside her she could never reach it.

Suddenly Natasha knows true, honest fear…but more than that, she discovers the wildness within her.

Reader Advisory: Natasha’s sexual discoveries include some brief play with another woman, as well as a ménage.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50