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Tie Me Free

The Satin Rose Experience, 4

I have so enjoyed this series, The Satin Rose Experience by Ms. Bunino and would love to see more! That's how much I've liked them, especially this one as it deals with an older heroine who deals with everyday issues like age, shapewear, and insecurity about her body.

Kate is ambivalent about submitting her application to Domsublife.com and is just about to back space out when her mother's emerald bracelet does the deciding for her. The clasp lets go and it drops on the enter key.

After weeding out some bizarre requests, she gets one from Mason M, 28 a Dom who mentions art. This peaks her interest and after a discussion, she agrees to meet him, even though she only wants to research BDSM for an author her publishing company picked up.

She meets him at the Guggenheim, and after looking at the regular artwork, they go to a special exhibit. A BDSM themed one. Will she or won't she?

I Loved Mason, and he obviously has infinite patience. I will admit I did get Mason in the "friend zone" for so long, but it's so worth it when they get together. And I do understand where Kate is coming from, after all, I'm one of those 40 something, spanx wearing women. I don't know if I'd want a 28 year old hottie looking at my bits either.

Book Blurb for Tie Me Free

She’s forty and vanilla…he’s twenty-eight and…not.

Score one for Kate Angel. She’s just signed the hottest erotica author to her start up publishing house, Angel Books, but she needs a crash course in kink to appease her demanding client. Creating a Domsublife.com profile seems like an innocent way to do her homework and satisfy her curiosity.

Mason Myers has lived a lifetime in his twenty-eight years. The product of an Irish orphanage, he grew up fast to overcome his lonely, humble beginnings to become the successful businessman he is today. He's also an experienced Dom at the Satin Rose Experience, an elite BDSM club in New York City.

A mutual appreciation for modern art establishes their online connection. Mason convinces Kate to meet him at the Guggenheim museum’s erotica exhibit where she reveals her fascination in the art of rope bondage, known as Shibari. Introducing her to the ancient art within the safety of the club, Mason helps Kate surrender her deep-seated hang-ups about her age and body image.

As the physical and emotional ties that bind her into the submissive of his fantasies tighten, can Kate learn to break the emotional tethers ruling her life and embrace the freedoms they bestow?

Be Warned: light BDSM, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 4.50