Third Wheel

Elite Escorts Book 1

Lynn Burke writes some of the hottest BDSM romance and she continues with that in "Third Wheel". It doesn’t hurt that it’s usually located in good old Boston (I’m a Bostonian myself). "Third Wheel" is rather on the mild side in the kink department, but it’s no less hot. In fact, I had to stop several times just to fan myself and take a cold drink. It’s that good!

This is a new series called Elite Escorts. It’s named Third Wheel because our hero, Reid Sullivan, is an escort whose specialty is being the third in a threesome. But he gets a special request one night for a date. Jessica Lindy is a single mother. She has been raising her 18 month old daughter all on her own since she helped put her ex in jail. A friend arranges a date with Reid for some relief, but things don’t go as planned. Now Reid wants to become the third wheel in Jessica’s family. But Jessica is leery of men.

"Third Wheel" is a wonderfully written book. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see a little more one on one time between the main characters. Maybe less “goggie”, but that’s a personal preference from a blogger who thinks books are becoming too “Babycentric”

Book Blurb for Third Wheel

Carpenter by day, manwhore extraordinaire by night, Reid Sullivan lives every man’s dream. But, Elite Escort’s hottest third wheel longs for something more than casual sex with clients.

Jessica Lindy's testimony helped put her ex-husband behind bars, but she can't escape his vows of revenge. A jaded single mom, she guards her heart and daughter’s life against any man.

One fateful night with Reid, the temptation for Jessica to allow another man into their lives becomes too hard to resist. But when her past collides with the present, lives—and love—will be lost unless Jessica learns how to lower her defenses. Can the professional escort convince the wary young mom that he can be a different sort of third wheel—the one she can trust?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50