The Girl on the Bus

This short by Raven McAllan is the second book in the Dommissimma series about the BDSM club of the same name.

The first book, Master, was phenomenal, as was her other series about a BDSM club, Diomhair. And, I'm happy to say, her alpha heroes are still as hot and sexy as in her other books.

Tay MacKinnon is driving along on his way to see his agent/sister. (he's an actor). He's behind a double decker bus when he happens to catch a familiar glimpse of white/silver hair on a profile he's well-acquainted with. It's been five years, but he'd know his Silver anywhere. They had one magical night before she ran. But while there's a distraction, she exits the bus.

Julia is finishing up her last day of work and is taking a year off to write a book. She’s asked to take notes for her boss and a client. When the client speaks in a deep, rumbling voice and calls her pet, five years disappear in a flash. She'd remember Master T anywhere. But when he goes to talk to her, she's hiding. Her friend has plans though, and when they go out to a club that night, it turns out to be Dommissimma, a local BDSM club. And Master T just happens to be there. What's a sub to do?

As always, it was a joy reading one of Raven's books, even if it was way too short. I love her Doms, and she's just made me fall in love with one more. I'll take one please?

Book Blurb for The Girl on the Bus

Julia ran out on Tay five years ago, so she can't be the woman he sees on the bus. However, when she ends up being the one taking notes at his meeting, he knows he will move heaven and earth to make her his once more.

Will she agree, or will she run again?

Be Warned: BDSM, public exhibition, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.50