The Forgotten

Wild Mountain Shifters Book 5

If I haven’t said this before, I absolutely love Sara Anderson! This is one author whose books I get excited over scheduling, and since I haven’t done reviews for the first 4 in the series, you can bet they are coming. Sara has a way of sucking me into genres I usually don’t read. First, It was her sci-fi series, I hadn’t liked sci-fi until I had read her series and then I read it twice! (Yup, reviews are coming!) Then, shifters, I had occasionally read them, but this series got me much more into the genre than usual. (It doesn’t hurt that her shifters are alpha, dominant, and kinky. Yup, that does it for me.)

The heroine in this book seriously had me crying. Rebecca has it awful for a pretty good portion of her life. She and Travis grew up together, and when they were older, they fell in love. Travis knew her father was bad news, but she won’t leave. She’s convinced the Guardian and cholans will execute her for doing so. After Travis and Rebecca make love for the first time, she disappears without a trace. It’s not until ten years later when Travis finds out she’s alive and in a horrible situation. He mounts a rescue team. Will he save her in time?

I cried a few tears over this one. Sara knows how to do the female in distress to a tee, and I actually love those type of books. It may be crazy, but I kind of like when the guy has to rescue his hurt woman, then take care of her. Ok, don’t psychoanalyze me. I just do. This is another page-turner from Sara. I devoured it from cover to cover, and oh, how I loved it. Spectacular writing, with great drama, wonderful sex scenes that sizzled off the page.

Book Blurb for The Forgotten

As new adults Travis and Rebecca had intended to mate, but her father sold her to a violent cult. Now an evil, sadistic “husband” has left Rebecca broken and scarred, but just when Rebecca has given up hope of ever escaping, a lost cell phone gives her one last shot at freedom.

When Travis believed Rebecca was dead, he threw his life into protecting shifters. As an enforcer, Travis hunts down and eradicates threats to shifters, but while investigating a cult, Travis finds the one woman he ever loved.

Now that Travis has found Rebecca, he has to get to her in Texas, and time is running out. Just as he has found her, he may lose her again, forever, because while her “husband” in the cult never loved her, he will never let her go alive.

Be Warned: bondage, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00