The Club

Trae Wulfene's father is the Alpha of his were pack and expects him to take his place as Alpha in a weeks time, and with a mate. But Trae would have to stop his carousing at The Club, a local m‚nage club. On his last night there, he meets Olivia. Olivia is dragged to The Club by her best friend to fulfill her fantasy of having a m‚nage. Once there, she has a magical night with Trae, and Anton, who is also not human. But Olivia and Trae find that they connect on much more than a one night stand level, and Olivia has gotten the first of three marks. Once bitten three times, she would transform into a were. So will she? Or won't she?

This was a steamy short story that was well written and enjoyable, certainly a great story to share with your own mate! I could even see a sequel with Diego, Trae's friend and Kelsey, Olivia's friend. They would make for a very interesting and hot BDSM story. It's just a suggestion. But for readers, my first suggestion is to read this very enjoyable hot story, you won't be sorry.

Book Blurb for The Club

When Trae finds his mate in the most unlikely time and place, nothing will stop him from claiming her.

Trae’s father, the current pack Alpha, is putting pressure on him to stop cavorting in the ménage club and find a mate. The responsibilities are weighing on him and Trae is starting to doubt whether he’ll find his mate before the time has run out on the ultimatum his father has given him.

Then Olivia, a human, walks into his life.

Olivia has a fantasy of being with two men at the same time. When her friend drags her to The Club to have her wildest desires fulfilled, the night turns out to be more than she expects. Trae, a wolf, and Anton, a vampire, are two sexy men who want to help bring her fantasy to life. However, when the true bite of passion shifts her life in a direction she never dreamed, can she trust her heart and the wolf that claims her as his?

Reader Advisory: This story contains interracial ménage scenes between a male werewolf, human female and a male vampire; also includes bloodsucking and biting while having sex.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50