The Carpenter

Death Isle Book 6

Kera Faire has lept on to the scene with her Dark Isle romance series. It has certainly given me a whole new view of pigs. But while it’s a darker incarnation of her alter ego Raven McAllan, it still has quite a few tongue-in-cheek moments and memorable characters.

Writing a character that is an assassin that you ultimately end up falling in love with takes true talent. I know I remarked in one of Kera’s other reviews that I sometimes needed to look up the scottish lingo.

She’s been awesome enough this time to smartly insert the meanings to the less-known words.

In this book, we get to meet Darke’s boss, even Crabtree’s boss. Not only is he a hottie, but he can build one heck of a playroom. His love interest is Dori or Mason, or is it Doris Mason? (Doris? Is that YOU?)

Both Dori and The Carpenter get called to the Dark Isle and they all have a huge reason to worry. Trust me, you want to read this right up to the end. Kera just blew me out of the water with "The Carpenter"!

Book Blurb for The Carpenter

~Editor's Pick~

It was always handy having an alter ego to hide behind, but the problem was that sometimes you forgot who you were or why you were there. Sometimes you didn’t.

For Mason and Maddock knowing who they were wasn’t the problem. Trying to discover what they wanted and how to achieve it was. Falling in love just as an old enemy threatens to upset everyone and everything on Dark Isle isn’t a good start.

Now they need to work together to vanquish that adversary and see if they can have a life together.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00