The Body House

Aliens from the planet Backus have come to Earth and set up brothels for the express purpose of pleasuring females. They know exactly the right male for the right woman and can bring her untold sexual pleasure. But factions have formed on earth known as Earth Firsters who would see them eradicated.

One night their human owner shows up with his wife after being attacked by Earth Firsters and decides he wants his wife pleasured by 2 Bods as they are called. Malcolm, the manager of the brothel and his friend Raj appoint them selves to the task and set themselves to pleasuring the bosses wife. Where they all learn some things about themselves, including the boss.

The Body House is a short read by Iris Astris and contains scenes of Ménage and Polyamory, it was a very good read, and was well written. I give it a thumbs up and enjoyed it. Not my usual fare, but it was a fun read and the sex was sizzling. There is some male on male kissing but no sexual touching.

Book Blurb for The Body House

The Body House is an alien brothel inhabited by male prostitutes from the planet Backus. Backusians love their work and women love Backusians. But not everyone is so enamored of the alien presence. When the grassroots group Earth First breaks into the home of the brothel's wealthy owner, Amin Clay, his wife, Solange, refuses to run, preferring to face death with her husband than survive alone. Amin kills the leader of the group and he and Solange escape, but both of them are shaken by the danger they've just faced.

In a dark mood, Amin takes Solange to the Body House where she enjoys the skills of two Backusian lovers. Eventually, the call of pleasure reunites husband and wife and with the help of their two alien hosts, they explore the outer reaches of carnal delight.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00