Taking on Tabytha

Tall, Dark and Dominant, Book Two

Tabytha Quillan has a column called “Tabytha Takes On” and has decided to interview Harlan Blake, a man who claims to be an expert in training submissive women.

Tabytha thinks Harlan is a joke and would come across as one. But during the interview, Harlan does an exercise with her that freaks her out making her run away. This waves a red flag like a bull to Harlan and he decides he wants her.

He invites Tabytha to his BDSM club for a dinner and a show, a little taste of BDSM. And when Tabytha gets turned on, Harlan offers his little “Tabby Cat” one night as his slave. And they head to Harlan’s penthouse for an evening of Domination and submission,

But Harlan decides he wants her for more than one night. So he takes her on an adventure, and what an adventure they have!

This book is the second in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series by Reese Gabriel, and like her other, I loved it!

The characters were complex and believable and you root for them to have their happy ever after. Even Tabby’s friend was pretty funny and could even have her own story.

Reese Gabriel does a great job of writing BDSM stories interspersing hot love scenes with a great story line without getting too tawdry!

Book Blurb for Taking on Tabytha

Tabytha Quillen is used to having the last word, both in the bedroom and in her sassy column, "Tabytha Takes On". Self-described sexual dominant and a trainer of submissive females, Harlan Blake is exactly the kind of target she lives for. A quick interview over coffee ought to be all it takes to make mincemeat of the man and his ideas, but when he turns out to be handsome as sin and as quick on his feet as she is, all bets are off.

Tabytha can hardly get a word in or a breath out. Is she a subconscious submissive? Harlan intends to find out by inviting her to his BDSM club for a little innocent entertainment. Tabytha knows she's playing with fire but surely she can keep the upper hand with Harlan for a single night? It's the ultimate cat-and-mouse, and fate may have a surprise for both of them in the form of a passion far deeper than mere sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75