Sweetest Splendor

Club Splendor 2

"Sweetest Splendor" is a novella in the Club Splendor series by Kasey Hammell. It's about perky club hostess Bridget and club manager Zander.

Bridget has decided to leave Club Splendor to pursue her dreams, and on her very last day, she's making her last rounds when she ends up in her very favorite room. Zander shows up as well. Will Bridget finally confess to him that she likes him than more as a friend? Will Zander confess the same? And what's happening next door?

Granted, this was a short book from the Club Splendor series, and I would have loved to have read a whole lot more. The sex scenes were sizzling hot though and plentiful, get out the ice bucket for this one! Not so much on the BDSM side though, so be forewarned.

Book Blurb for Sweetest Splendor

Bridget Guthrie and Zander Hudson have worked at Club Splendor together for years, sharing smoldering glances, flirting, and building a friendship. Thanks to the club’s strict policy of no staff fraternization, they’ve resisted how much they truly want each another.

With Bridget leaving to explore her dreams, they no longer have to hide their passions. After hours, in one of the pleasure rooms at Club Splendor, they finally give in to the burning desire they’ve held at bay for too long. She has taken care of other people’s love lives for so long while at the club, can she find the courage to take care of her own needs and fantasies?

Be Warned: voyeurism, sex toys, anal sex, BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50