Seduced by Blood

A Sangre Novel, #1

Seduced by blood is the first novel of the Sangre Novels by Taylor Tryst. And after reading the first book, I hope there are many more! I really enjoyed the writing in this sometimes very steamy book about an LAPD cop named Nevada and a vampire named Gunner. They both meet "on the job". Then things get pretty hot and steamy between them almost immediately.

Nevada is a strong character who gets into a few bad situations throughout the story, but Gunner is the Alpha Vamp who is always there for her. The side characters are wonderful in this story as well, especially Braden, whom I hear is the focus of the next book. I'll definitely be back for more! Great first book of the series!

Book Blurb for Seduced by Blood

Nevada Ortiz was an up and coming Los Angeles Police Officer until a chance encounter with a would-be carjacker changes the course of her life. The six and a half foot assailant is dripping with weapons, his preternatural blue eyes drilling into hers, his bite changing everything. Her body's reaction to his blood, a seduction within itself, goes hand and hand with raw, animalistic sex.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is in peril, including her life.

Gunner Slade is a vampire with secrets of his own, a soldier who can walk in the sun, a dose of Sangre allowing he and vampires like himself to blend in among humans, until he puts everything on the line for a woman he can no longer exist without.

Nevada is the first human with immunity to a vampire bite, and requires the blood of two vampires to sustain her.

Not in his nature to share, Gunner Slade might be immortal, but he's living in hell just the same.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25