Murder On Magnolia Island Trilogy Book 3

"Ryder" is the third and final book in the Murder on Magnolia Island series by BJ Wane, and truthfully, I’m sad to see it end. I’m rather bummed out that there aren’t any more Lemasters out there. But, I know BJ will come out with another juicy series!

Ryder is the last single Lemaster, and is also a police detective that is still trying to solve the murder of submissive Lynn. He’s also trying to desperately avoid fellow detective Jada Michaels, who he’d kissed in a drunken moment at the department’s Christmas party. Since he worked with her, and she didn’t have a submissive bone in her body, she was off-limits. Or was she.

Jada is fiercely attracted to Ryder. She also wants to prove that she’d make a good homicide detective.

So she finagles her way into an invite out to the island to investigate. Ryder soon finds out that Jada isn’t quite what he thought, but as the investigation winds up, will Ryder be able to protect her from the killer?

This was an excellent end to the series. And though I started to get an idea of who the killer was, it was still a surprise to see coming. BJ did an excellent job on this series! It’s definitely a keeper for sure, and I know I’ll be re-reading them all again and again!

Book Blurb for Ryder

Jada Michaels has been lusting after Detective Ryder Lemaster for two years, but failed to get more than a passing nod from him at the police station. Then an opportunity arises to further her career by investigating the murder case of a friend of Ryder’s on the sly. After he tries to dissuade her by making a bet and losing, Jada agrees to let Ryder tutor her in order to attend a private party with all the suspects invited as guests.

Ryder struggled against his attraction to Jada because he could have sworn the IT technician didn’t possess a submissive bone in her sleek, well-toned body. To his astonishment, and hers, she responded without fail to every hard slap and every dominant demand. But after losing his wife to cancer, he swore off relationships and refuses to let his need for Jada go any further than their short foray into the investigation. It takes seeing another man come on to her and a risk to her life to open his eyes to what has been right before him all along.

As the murderer is revealed and secrets on Magnolia Island unearthed, the Lemaster men and their women have to come to grips with the betrayals surrounding them.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00