A Book of Erotic Tales

Quiver is a collection of 12 interconnected short tales of erotica. They are all about a group of middle aged people finding their sexuality. You get a wide spectrum of BDSM and voyeurism. You have a woman who is tied up and forgotten to bisexuality in Man of Sighs. These people overlap in the stories and are all written by the same author. Tobsha Learner represents both male and female points of view.

The stories are all very well written and run a gamut of sexual adventures and interludes. They are all set in modern day Australia. This book is enjoyable, though some stories were not my cup of tea. Not everything in sexuality is for everyone and that's what makes this a great book for a wide amount of erotica readers.

Book Blurb for Quiver

“Taking in the panoply of sexual desire, each tale shudders with full-frontal detail in a style that is both lyrical and forensically accurate.”

In twelve interconnected stories as naked and primal as passion itself, Quiver explores the full spectrum of human sexuality in all of its variety and complexity. Spare yet evocative, this explicit collection depicts the pleasures of new and rediscovered love, lust, and obsession. In the flashes that blur the line between fantasy and reality, each story captures the spontaneous erotic experiences of a small group of middle-class acquaintances, showcasing sexual interludes of kaleidoscopic range—heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, exhibitionistic, and sadomasochistic. Each of these stories, alternating between a woman’s point of view and a man’s, a participant’s and a voyeur’s, expresses a passion for youth, excitement for the new, and nostalgia for love lost. Sensual and provocative, Quiver introduces a fresh voice to the genre of erotica.

For fans of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy or Sylvia Day's Bared to You, Learner's writing will electrify readers with its every impulse.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00