Last Caress

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Last Caress

In Last Caress, a short story by Luxie Ryder, Vampire Jared is obsessed with Maribel. Jared and Maribel attended college together while Jared was still human but then his mortal life ended one night when he trusted a beautiful stranger.

Two decades later, Jared runs in to Maribel and after she recognizes him he runs away, but he has a dream that she was with him and chosen to be with him. He goes to Maribel's bedside where he notices her having an erotic dream about him and when he reaches out and touches her, she wakes. And they begin to make love. But, as Maribel notices he is a vampire, he has no choice but to take her away from her sheltered life for good.

This was and enjoyable short story, and you could feel Jared's obsession with Maribel. The ending of this story did seem cut off, leaving the reader to make the inference as to whether or not he changes Maribel.

My only issue is that I downloaded this on an e-reader and a lot of the words were in bold typeface, not making any sense,

Book Blurb for Last Caress

An erotic short story with MF vampire themes by Luxie Ryder

The vampire waits for her because he has no choice. Her name is Maribel but what he wants from her should never be mentioned by name - like her blood, her sex, her death. When hunger and loneliness sent Jared stumbling through his home town one night, he found himself face to face with the woman who was once his destiny. He longs to take her; change her, yet he knows that she will hate him for it. He has forever to make her forgive him, but is that long enough?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75