Masters of the Order Book 4

Harmony is the 4th book of The Masters Of The Order Series. The Order is a sect of Doms from business, art, and society. Teo is a rock star, the front man fro a band called Venom.

He met Eva when she was 17 and he was 19 and ended up leaving her because he felt he was evil because of his desires. He later becomes an addict. Eva becomes mixed up with the wrong kind of sadist. But the Masters of the Order intervene on behalf of both of the lovebirds.

I liked this book better than the first, though at times I was wondering when the romance would really get going between them.

Book Blurb for Harmony

First love. Obsessive Love. Lost love.

Teodor Rey is a sinner. A rock star with a guitar in his hand and the world at his feet. Teo wants the one thing he cannot have: the woman he calls his silent harmony. The only one who ever soothed the artist's tortured soul and satisfied the dark passions that rule him. The same one he betrayed with a narcotic mistress. Teo conquered his addiction to drugs. Never his addiction to Eva.

Eva DelZotto is a freak. A runaway with a finger in the air and a pen in her hand, Eva finds solace in words. Secret poems about pain and self-punishment and the submissive desires of a misunderstood girl who the world refuses to love. Until a boy with a guitar steals her secrets and teaches her how to live them. The same boy who leaves her behind. The one who will always own her heart.

Judas is the savior of rock and roll. An explosive band with a bad boy reputation and bonds that run deep, Judas is on the way to international superstardom, yet their front man is far from satisfied. Teo resurrected the band's career, but without his muse, nothing can resurrect his soul. When the band takes a hiatus from touring in New York City, divergent paths cross again.

Addiction is hell. Love is far and away worse. Can Teo regain what he lost? If so, at what price?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50