Free and Bound

A Club Volare New Orleans Novel

This is the full length novel that follows the prequel book First Night which was about Olivia and Gavin. We begin months after Olivia and Gavin have parted after their wonderful week in Los Angeles. (Was I the only one yelling out NOOOOOOOO! At the end of First Night? If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so now!)

Olivia is stood up by Brandon, her ex, a famous A-list actor who dumped her by text message when his career takes off and pretty much ruins hers. Olivia and Gavin’s mutual friend, Charlene calls Gavin in to give Olivia much needed support, but Gavin has another agenda. He needs her to save Club Volare New Orleans.

And thus starts Gavin and Olivia’s “fake” relationship. . Gavin wants Olivia as his submissive, only with no-strings-attached due to his promise he made to himself ten years ago. Olivia wants to know just what happened to Gavin all those years ago, because it’s part of the reason some of the locals want the club gone. Olivia is a born caretaker and will do anything to But will it be enough? And can Gavin overcome his past?

There are lots of conflicts to overcome here in “Free and Bound”, but you can’t help but root for Olivia and Gavin every step of the way in this book. Chloe has a way of drawing you in to the story so you feel like you are part of the family, and you want nothing more than for Gavin and Olivia to get their happy ever after.

The secondary characters are great too. And I must say I’m looking forward to Luke and Charlene’s story as well as Holt and Simone’s. And there are still a few other characters that are worthy of their own books as well. This book was a joy to read and I am so glad that Chloe is back writing about Club Volare again. Makes me wish that there were a Club Volare here in Boston…Mmmm sign me up.

Book Blurb for Free and Bound

*** For a limited time only, I'm including three previous standalone Club Volare novels at the end of FREE AND BOUND for free! I love you guys, and I am so happy to be back ~ xox Chloe ***

If you want to grab hold of your future, first you need to face your past...

Gavin Colson hurt someone.

It was a long time ago. It wasn't on purpose. And no matter what he does, he can never make it right. But he can and he will keep it from hurting anyone or anything else -- including the brand new Club Volare New Orleans.

But for that he needs Olivia Cress's help. Only she's also the only woman that's ever made him think twice about his "no relationships, no way" rule. She's the only closet sub he's ever needed to dominate the way other men need their next breath. And she's the only woman who's happiness has ever reminded him of what life was like, before.

Olivia Cress is one of a kind, and Gavin *will* have her submission. But can he keep his past from catching up with her?

Olivia Cress knows she hasn't hit rock bottom yet, but she freaking hopes it comes soon, because she can't take much more bad news. She's been dumped by her famous ex, betrayed by so-called friends, and now her career is on the line. She has to take whatever help she can get.

Only she didn't think that help would come from Gavin Colson. They had a week long fling, months ago, and she hasn't stopped thinking about him since. Because he's the only man who's ever gotten under her skin. The only man who's ever made her scream. And the only man who's ever given her what she really needed--which turned out to involve a tie, a safe word, and seeing a whole lot of stars.

But Olivia's not really a sub. At least not in public. And she can't afford to get distracted by her own personal issues, not when her future is on the line. And she definitely can't afford to fall in love. Especially not with a man who's past is so dark no one will even talk about it.

Too bad Gavin Colson might not give her a choice.

But if she falls in love with the Dom with a dark past, the person he hurts most might be her...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50