Finally His

Doris O'Connor. Just seeing her name gives me one of those Squee moments where my inner Snoopy wants to come out and dance. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge fan of her books. She writes the most delicious Doms and sassy subs out there, and I know that when I start one of her books, I'm not putting it down until I see "The End", which is always a bummer.

Needless to say, I had one of my moments when this book hit the stands, I ran right over and bought it. And of course, I'm supremely happy I did, because I absolutely loved it!

Jolie Pierson has a huge crush on her boss, Richard Tomlin. But Jolie figures that he's way out of her league. She sees him in gossip magazines with tall, lean, women that don't resemble her short, curvy stature.

She is working late one night late, again, when she takes a pile of files into Mr Tomlins office with a note from her tall, blonde and leggy, supervisor. (who reminds her continually that Richard would never go for someone like her.) There is a note attached to the file. The supervisor is trying to take credit for Jolie's work. But Richard is still in his office, and sees the note. He finally lets his secretary in on how he's been feeling about her.

And let the kink and romance commence! This book is hot! Like way up in the hot pepper scovilles hot! I'd say torrid!!

Book Blurb for Finally His

A nice hot, forbidden fling with her boss…what can possibly go wrong?

Jolie Pierson has lusted after her hot as hades boss forever, so when he finally takes notice of her, she can’t help but melt at his dominance. Besides, it would be rude to not give him a present on his birthday.

Richard Tomlin never dates the women at his office. However, when he realizes the sinfully curvy red head he’s been struggling to keep his hands off for ages is submissive…the gloves are off. This woman makes him forget all the rules and brings out his primitive instincts—to take, to devour, to mark her as his until everyone knows she belongs to him.

Jolie was ready to accept just one night of hot kinky sex, but when Richard pulls the boss card the very next morning, everything changes—she’s finally his.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, spanking, rimming

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50