Eternally Chained

Night Watchers Series

Sean Reilly is a Vampire that travels from Dublin to Los Angeles to save the life of Police Officer Morgan Grady by turning her. She is the niece of one of his best friends, and she is to be initiated as part of a Covert program called Night Watch, A Top Secret Agency that fights terrorism and other cataclysmic world events.

Sean arrives at the hospital just in the nick of time to save Morgan from death after being shot in a drug raid gone bad. He finds out that Morgan was not agreeable to being turned. This puts Sean’s neck on the line as well as Morgan’s and her uncle’s as well as Sean’s assistant. But they rush Morgan off to Dublin and proceed with plans anyway.

When Morgan wakens and sees Sean, she’s convinced she’s died and God’s taken her to heaven with an angel. She soon learns that’s not the case. Sean begins to explain all about her new existence. But Morgan never believes him. Morgan spends the rest of the trip in denial.

Once in Dublin, Sean has to train Morgan to be a Dark Watch agent and to be believable. Her neck along with Sean’s and her uncle’s is on the line. Sean and Morgan start becoming close.

Eternally Chained is a great story! I was hooked from the first sentence to the last word and I sincerely hope there is more!

Sean is a hot Irish vampire who I certainly wouldn’t mind being bitten by. He finds himself falling for Morgan but a past love who’s death he just can’t get over comes between them.

Morgan is a strong and smart woman who after her very long denial at being a vampire passes, adapts very well to her situation and kicks ass!

I can see this developing into a series very easily and I for one would follow it!

Book Blurb for Eternally Chained

Sean Reilly never asked to be a vampire. But when he's mortally wounded and turned during World War II, he uses his new abilities to fight evil as part of the Night Watch organization. He's also called in when someone needs to be turned. Sean's oath to never mix business with pleasure takes a hit after he changes a dying but extremely sexy Morgan Grady. Against his will he's drawn to her, but her penchant for disobeying orders makes him want to file his fangs. Morgan, a Los Angeles undercover police officer, never considered vampires might actually be real until she's shot and left for dead...and awakens an immortal. But just because the hot and sexy Sean changed her doesn't mean he gets to call the shots. She's her own woman and plans to do what she always does and on her own terms--fight evil. When confronted with an entity bent on destroying them, Sean and Morgan must fight together, facing not only their enemy but also the terrifying possibility that they were meant to be together forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 5.00