Enslaving Dana

Mission Pleasure Book 3

Scarlett Sanderson is one of my favorite Erotic/BDSM writers. "Enslaving Dana" is the third book in the Mission Pleasure series, and I absolutely loved it!

Dana Adams finds her fiancee in her bed with another woman, on top of being a complete jerk, he blames her for his straying. She decides to take an ad out on a BDSM singles site, looking for a dominant to serve in the bedroom and who will love her. She ends up in a BDSM club, and meets Bastian, who gives her a wonderful experience. But she wants more than just a dom in a club.

Two months later, she’s ready to open her bakery, she just needs a pastry chef. So imagine her surprise when Bastian walks in looking for a job. She wants to keep it professional, he wants her as his sub and his woman. Will she let him cross the line and find the life she always wanted?

You really want to read this and find out!

Book Blurb for Enslaving Dana

Final book in the sizzling Mission Pleasure series…

After catching her cheating fiancé, Dana decides to change her life. She gives up her boring job as an accountant to pursue her dreams of opening a bakery. At night, she explores her submissive side online, afraid of attending any real gatherings. Finally plucking up the courage, she visits Decadence—a club where people can indulge their fantasies—and meets Bastien, a super-hot Dominant who offers her a taste of submission. Following one of the most intense encounters of her life, Dana decides to focus on her bakery. The only problem is she can’t get the sexy Dominant out of her mind.

Dominant and ex-marine, Sebastien Berkley, has a secret. He really likes to bake. Applying for a job at a newly opened bakery, Bastien never expects the owner—and his potential new boss— to be the curvy submissive he’s been fantasizing about. Especially since she never returned to Decadence, despite his invitation.

Neither can deny the intense attraction smouldering between them.

Despite their professional relationship, and their bargain to keep things purely professional, Bastien cannot deny the driving need to enslave Dana, and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his own.

Inside Scoop: This book features a hero who knows what his submissive needs, whether it’s being tied up or being taken in public with the assistance of two other hot marines.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00