Diagnosis, Love

Phlebotomist Melanie Marr finds out that she has terminal leukemia and consults with hot young oncologist Dr. Jakob Farkas. Melanie despairs at meeting such a handsome doctor while being handed a terminal diagnosis, but Dr. Farkas has a cure. He tells Melanie that he’s in love with her, and that he can cure her, because he’s a vampire. After the initial shock and disbelief, Melanie agrees to travel to Europe with Jacob where he needs to feed to build up his blood (he hasn’t fed for 100 years), and find the cure.

I enjoyed this short story, though the middle of the story is rushed through, covering a period of several months. It would have been much better if it was longer here as the beginning and end of the story were great! Jakob was not a very lovable hero for a romance and the sex scene in the cave almost felt like a rape to me. Otherwise, I did like the overall story.

Book Blurb for Diagnosis, Love

Sassy Melanie Marr is a phlebotomist who has terminal leukemia.The good news is that her doctor, dark and handsome Jakob Farkas, has a radical cure. As a vampire, he has the ability to heal her. But there's one small hitch, tired of his lonely existence, Farkas has not fed in over 100 years and needs to be brought back to health before he can help Melanie, with whom he has fallen in love.

Although Melanie doesn't believe the crazy doctor's story, she doesn't have much else going on at the moment besides dying. So she leaves boring Scranton and her tedious job in order to join Farkas as he travels around the world in search of a mystical cure.

As they await the arrival of the Spring Equinox in the legendary caves in Lascaux, France, Melanie wonders if she can overcome the greatest obstacle to her cure: her very mortality.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.50