Bought by the Boss

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Bought by the Boss

"Bought By The Boss" is a two story book by Stacey Kennedy. It's about two lawyers who hate each other and the women who work for them. Both stories relate to each other, and each one is about a separate lawyer.

"His Price" is about lawyer Liam Maxwell. He ends up bidding 100K for a weekend date with his nemesis’ assistant, Aria Finley. Aria has always had a thing for Liam, but she’s stayed away because she knows that her boss, Jackson hates him. But they end up at his beach house for the weekend and she gets to know him better.

Liam tells her why he and Jackson are fighting. Aria is of course torn. Does she stay with him? Or does she leave him and stay loyal to her boss and good friend Jackson?

"Dirty Money" picks up at the end of "His Price" when Aria’s friend and Liam’s assistant Mallory finds out that Jackson has purchased her in the auction, but he’s done it to get back at Liam for revenge and torture. Mallory likes Jackson, so even if it hurts, she’ll take the three days and find out why the two men are at odds.

After a sinfully sexy three days, this entire book culminates into the final story between the two men as only it can. Will they make up? Will the girls get their guys? Grab a copy and find out! This was a fun and sexy read from Stacey Kennedy!

Book Blurb for Bought by the Boss

What’s better than one bad-boy boss? How about two?

In a duet of naughty novellas, a charity date auction turns into all-out war when a pair of powerful corporate lawyers each buy the other’s assistant for a weekend of seduction.


I’ve wanted Aria Finley from the moment I met her.

We flirt, we laugh, we connect. It could be perfect.

She’s even best friends with my assistant.

Problem is, she works for my archnemesis—Jackson Keller—and she’s the kind of girl who stays loyal unless you give her a reason not to.

Besides my hard-on there’s something hot between us, and I won’t rest until I put my finger on it.

So when I get the chance to buy Aria for the weekend at a charity auction, there’s no limit.

I’m going to take her home and take what I want because I’ll make her want it too.

And by Monday, she’ll know she’s mine.


Liam Maxwell thinks he can get to me through my assistant, Aria.

Well, two can play that game.

Now Mallory Beckett—Liam’s assistant and Aria’s best friend—is mine for the weekend.

Only she has no idea who bought her at the charity auction.

This is going to be worth every penny.

But soon I realize that Mallory has been waiting for my touch all along.

What starts as a fling turns into something more.

From the beginning, I was so focused on stealing her away. 

I never thought about the fact that I’d drown if I lost her. Now the game has changed. And she needs to know that she belongs to me.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.50