A Scent of Longing

1 Night Stand Series

Lily Denson is a new vampire, turned against her wishes, and has given up on the dating scene. Her friend Rosie has submitted her information to Madame Evangeline, owner of One Night Stand. The service that has paired couples unerringly for a long time. So Lily decides to go for it and meets Luc, praying she can hide her true nature.

Luc is a half breed vampire. Half vampire, half human. Shunned by his kind for being what he is he meets with Lily and hopes to hide his nature from her as well, but they meet and when they get together have a night full of passion where they both reveal their true selves. Can love and Madam Evangeline's pairings prevail?

This was another One Night Stand series book and was a good read. Not my favorite of them all, but good. I recommend this one as part of the collection.

Book Blurb for A Scent of Longing

Lily Dansen refuses to date vampires. The last time she trusted a one, he turned her. She agrees to a date arranged by 1 NightStand, believing that a quick tryst is all that’s left for her.

A 376-year-old half-vampire, half human Luc Fortier can’t continue to satisfy the vampire fantasies of young ladies while his dreams go unfulfilled. He vows to bedazzle one last date before he calls it quits.

Neither Luc nor Lily expect more than an evening of passion, but they haven’t counted on Madame Eve’s superior matchmaking skills.

Heat level: 4

Word count – 11k

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50