Vision Controller

Leopard Visions, Book Three

A group, or litter, of related females is working for the underground group their parents helped start. Their job is to whisk away leopards in danger of being caught and turned over to the evil Leo Pard. Their biggest assets are secrecy and stealth.
Race is a Hunter in the leopard society. Trained and dedicated to finding and extinguishing anything dishonorable in the leopard society. He was called to work for Leo Pard but soon discovered the real story and made sure to do what he could to thwart Pard’s mission.
Race has been watching the litter of females, trying to discover their secret and determine what needed to be done. Little did he know that one of those three females would affect his life in so many ways.
I admit it, this series has really grown on me. The idioms of “cat-speak” that I denigrated before seem to be natural to me now. This book really grabbed me and made me look at the whole series again. The suspense is gripping, the sex is really hot and steamy, a definite page-turner in every way. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter in this saga.

Book Blurb for Vision Controller

Race Ogden craves the hunt as much as any leopard. Whether it is capturing and killing his next meal or hunting and possessing a hot female, the satisfaction of both makes his blood boil. But when he chases down Karma Sheridan, ready to attack her cute little ass, he’s met his match.

Karma and her two littermates will do anything—seduce, attack or kill—to protect the calling that runs through their blood. If that means taking on Race Ogden just to give him the piece of tail he appears to want, then Karma will do it. What she doesn’t anticipate is craving Race once she’s had a taste of him. Craving him to the point where she will risk everything she has ever fought for. But if she’s clever, Karma might pull off capturing the male she loves and holding on to her life’s calling.

These cat-shifters aren’t cuddly tabby cats. The males are wild and feral, the females are strong and won’t roll over to have their tummies rubbed. If you like leopards, want your loving untamed and fierce, then come take a ride on the wild side.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50