Vicus Luna

Cady finds she has no good options once she’s been kidnapped by the local werewolf pack. Between Marshall, Brendan, and even Brendan’s brother; none can give her what she truly wants which is to go home and pretend this kidnapping never occurred.

Interesting characters and lots of plot twists and turns make this one enjoyable read. Not only is there hot werewolf sex no matter who Cady is paired with (and they all seem to want to out perform each other), the reader just can’t wait to find out how Cady gets herself safely out of the mix.

Book Blurb for Vicus Luna

The town of Windsor, Georgia lives in fear of the Vicus Luna, the local werewolf pack. Each month the pack comes out and abducts a woman, someone to do their bidding, little more than a slave. It's on one of these nights that Cady Whitmore finds herself cornered by the Vicus Luna. Terrified, she faces three werewolves who wish to claim her as their own. When the alpha decides to claim her, Cady is horrified. From what she's heard, the alpha is a womanizing, chauvanistic, cruel man... When Marshall drags her off to a secluded cabin, she worries for her safety and her life.

As Cady struggles with many challenges thrown her way, she finds herself caught in a difficult spot. While Marshall may not love her, he isn't ready to let her go. Marshall's friend and fellow pack member, Brendan, knows that Cady is special and will stop at nothing to make sure she's safe.

In the end, the best werewolf will win...

Explicit language during love scenes - contains bad language here and there 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.25