Through the Mirror

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Through the Mirror

Through the Mirror is an intriguing story complete with hot sex, mind journeys, and delicious characters. The reader comes to know Lacy and feel her pain and trepidation but at the same time understand Doug's frustration at not being able to get her to commit to a full-time happily ever after relationship.

Reading this book, sometimes you feel like the cat is chasing the mouse and sometimes you feel the mouse is chasing the cat. Who will win, who will lose? You don't find out until the end. And about that ending? What a hoot!!

Through the Mirror is definitely one I can recommend for your bookshelf.

Book Blurb for Through the Mirror

Anthropologist Lacy Hogan likes her sex hot, fast and furious, with no strings attached. Why then is she so drawn to Doug Forsyth? Their mating dance has gone on for months and their lust is mutual, deep and torrid. But he scares her—she’s sure he’ll want much more than just sex. The history professor carries some secrets of his own; far more experienced than Lacy’s ever guessed, he wants to make sure she’s not just making empty promises. How long will he let her dictate their erotic game before revealing his trump card? Lacy is in for a surprise she could never have envisioned, but the ultimate winner is the reader who comes along for the journey!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00