The Stone House

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The Stone House

Paranormal, Werewolf, Shapeshifter, Romance

It started with an unexpected invitation to a Halloween Ball and ended deep in the forests surrounding the estate and The Stone House. Eloise Astrid Hakan was to find a family secret buried deep in the mists of time.

While it was a well thought out story and the characters engaging, it left a couple questions unanswered for me such as why did Dustin speak English with such an odd turn of phrase. As the peripheral characters were all locals, including apparently his adoptive father, why did it seem as though he came from somewhere else. Also, there is a hint about Gabriella that is not addressed. Maybe there is a sequel or prequel in the works to answer these questions.

The sex was sweet and tender, as it should be for someone who has had some experience but is still technically a virgin. Granted, if you have a family history of mothers dying before their first child turns five, who would be in a hurry to get pregnant?

Book Blurb for The Stone House

Eloise knew there was something strange in the history of her family. But, how strange? All the women, as far back as she could trace, died before their own daughters turned five. Was it a curse? Was it coincidence? Could the lovely new stranger, from up the hill, really help her find the answers?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00