The Soft Edge of Midnight

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The Soft Edge of Midnight

Keepers of Twilight

Once again these authors took me on an epic journey filled with suspense, hot sex, fantastical beings, more hot sex and mystery.

Illori and Karsten meet early in the book but their journey home to Glimmer, if they can get there, is fraught with roadblocks, pitfalls, and downright evil creatures who don't want to see them succeed. They do make some friends along the way that may be able to help them, but only as long as it's in their own interests to do so.

Evil forces want to see the Unicorns dead; others want to see them succeed.

I was swept along for this very enjoyable ride to the very end.

Book Blurb for The Soft Edge of Midnight

THE SOFT EDGE OF MIDNIGHT [Erotic Dark Paranormal Fantasy Romance/Unicorn Shape-shifters]: Fate plays her hand in the most stunning of ways when an unlikely alliance is forged. Stallion unicorn shifter, Karsten Morris, has to save the last true purity left in the world--the mare unicorn, Illori Swain--from the machinations of a free agent devil. "This talented team of sisters has come up with a paranormal romance that is truly out of the ordinary.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50