The Drakhom Taboo III

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The Drakhom Taboo III

There was an instant connection between Ellen and Max but they were looking for two very different things. Ellen had been married once and swore she never would do that again while Max was very admittedly looking for a wife. Can they meet in the middle, or is there any middle ground without heartache to follow?

Get swept up in the precarious possibilities of this scorching tale as the reader is taken on a whirlwind ride of passion. This is a hot, hot, hot story and the characters continue to race along without losing pace. Maybe the only drawback to this story is that it seems to be over so soon and the reader is left wanting more. 

Book Blurb for The Drakhom Taboo III

Ellen Sanders is comfortable with brief affairs that won't cause her pain. She'd love to have a passionate fling with Max, a gorgeous Drakhom, but when he tells her he's "looking for a permanent mate," he turns her world upside down.

Ellen Sanders adores Drakhom men, and their wild, wicked passion. When she's introduced to Drakhom Max Jensen, the attraction between them is like nothing she'd ever experienced. She eagerly takes on the task of decorating his new condo, hoping to have a hot fling with him. But he ruins it all by telling her he's looking for a wife, and she's vowed to never get married again. When he offers a relationship on her terms, she is more than tempted to accept, but could she walk away before getting too attached? The latter guaranteed heartache no matter what. Then again, not to experience passion with him would likely be just as painful.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50