The Challenge

One night of incredible sex and Mari ended up with a lot more than she expected. Knowing that only problems will follow due to her half-breed status, she slips away while the guy destined to be her mate is sleeping. The trouble which ensues on both ends of this broken link leads Mari into a fight for her life and her love.

These characters grab you and don’t let go until the end. This author takes the reader on a sexy romp filled with breathless high points, dismal low points and enough twists and turns in between to keep the reader enthralled. Add in an antagonist that you can’t help but just love to hate and you have a story that definitely brings a smile to your face.

Book Blurb for The Challenge

Marina Jamison is a mystery. As a half-breed shapeshifter, she lives on the fringe of were-jaguar society. Though her love for pride leader Bastian LaRue is forbidden, she finds herself tied to him by a bond stronger than their individual wills, a psychic link born from their one-night stand. When her secret is revealed, she is scorned and excluded. Neither Bastian nor the pride can accept a half-breed queen.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50