Something Reckless

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Something Reckless

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Something Reckless is a fascinating journey into the lives of two people who start at opposite ends of the spectrum and end up where neither one expected. The reader is taken down each step of the path they share, never expecting to find the ending in the middle where neither has been before.

While the 19th century backdrop accentuates the story line, the true story is in following Penelope and Jeremy on their sensual journey. A journey of discovery and steamy hot sex, this book is sure to keep the reader enthralled from start to finish.

Book Blurb for Something Reckless

After witnessing a shocking scene and experiencing a disastrous marriage, somehow Penelope Norman has become a voice of those fighting against the shocking sensual excess of the Upper Ten Thousand. And Jeremy Vaughn, Duke of Kilgrath has just secretly been chosen to silence her. The Duke believes he can seduce the pretty little hypocrite into ceasing her troubling talk… or at least put her in a position to blackmail her. So he pretends to be on her side by day in order to expose her to the erotic lifestyle he’s been leading, and by night he writes her erotic letters and visits her bed as a masked lover to school her in all the sinful activities she’s so afraid of. But the closer they become, the more Penelope wants both Jeremy and her mystery lover. And the more Jeremy begins to realize that the frustrating and utterly tempting Penelope has the upper hand in every game they’re playing. Especially the ones of the heart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50