Sex Me Fast

This is a new episode in the continuing saga of the quest to find lasting peace and return to home. The Hienial halflings find a group of full Hienial males who have been secluded in stasis since the Banarts released their malicious virus.

Mercy, who along with her sister, had personally suffered from the terrors of an infected Hienial had no intention of allowing that to happen to another. But in order to be allowed on her quest she must agree to let two males discovered on this new planet accompany her. It doesn't help matters that Mercy has no use for males; let alone two males that have been feuding since childhood until the one thing they have in common is that both have determined that Mercy is to be their mate.

And this is where it gets hot!!! Tim and Nic spare no efforts in trying to convince Mercy the three of them belong together for the rest of their lives. The reader is swept along with Mercy in sweltering sexual bliss as her mates show her there is some use for males after all.

The great thing about these books is that each time a new one comes out I have an excuse to go back to the beginning and read them all again. Do you have to start at the beginning to enjoy this current release? No, but why miss out on all that luscious sex?

I recommend that you definitely add this one to your bookshelf, and pull it out again and again with a toy or SO if you have one available, when you need a good, satisfying read.

Book Blurb for Sex Me Fast

As the slumbering city awakens, two Hienial males who have hated each other since childhood, learn that they share an Amazonian Mate. When the Lady Goddess insists that they must work together and put their rivalry aside if they are to convince Mercy to mate with them, Nicolao and Timon put aside their grievances thankful to have a chance at having a woman to call their own.

When Mercy discovers that a diseased Hienial has escaped his quarantined stasis pod and has left the planet intent on returning to his home world, she'll do anything to stop him. She's not about to let another person suffer at the hands of such an abomination if she can help it.

Needing to be with their mate, Nic and Tim will do whatever they must to convince her to let them accompany her, desperate for a chance to prove that not all males are unworthy of her. But can the new triad not only find a once in a lifetime love but prevent the spread of the disease that had once taken the lives of so many Hienials and plunged the known galaxies into the deadly war that had lasted generations?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00