Word Count: 68,183

It’s hard to say which draws the reader in more quickly; waiting to see what happens in the relationship between Sari and Kai or the mystery surrounding Sari and her hidden past. Even Kai has some secrets of his own that he’s not willing to share with just anybody.
Either way this is a book that can’t be put down once it’s started. The rich textures of characters and backdrop pull you into a story that is well-developed. The tenuous beginnings of a relationship between Sari and Kai are expertly woven into a backdrop that is as compelling as the characters within it.
Be prepared for some fireworks as the Sari and Kai decide whether or not they can trust each other with their secrets and their feelings for each other.

Book Blurb for Sari

Shapeshifting scientific assistant Sari Jones is having trouble controlling the dangerous heat that surges through her blood every time she steps within three feet of her hunky boss, Professor Kai Harrison. But control it she must, or risk losing the one man her heart has come to desire, and the freedom she longs to keep.Kai Harrison has a strict policy; he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He’s on a quest to find the elusive black jaguars that his sister, Rebecca, was researching when she vanished without a trace. And if the blinding attraction he feels towards the sleek and sexy Sari doesn’t get in the way, he just might unravel the mystery. It’s a race against time when Kai and Sari are forced to trust one another in the search for truth. The Facility is key, an underground complex where Sari was once imprisoned. Deep in the jungle passions ignite, secrets are revealed, and for Kai the pieces start to fall into place. Sari isn’t human. She’s hybrid. And she’s just what Kai’s been searching for. There’s no such thing as coincidence…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.50