Riley's Sparrow

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Riley's Sparrow

Del Fantasma

Del Fantasma is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots to hang out these days and this visit is no exception. I met this couple this time; she is an exiled fairy who was not supposed to make use of magic during her exile. He is the guard charged with bringing her back to face her punishment and the husband her brother, now ruler, has chosen for her. What doesn’t seem fair is that these two love each other. I mean really hot and bothered for each other and only each other.
Add in the fact that her parents are dead and there was a coup back home and the mysteries start to unravel. Then there is her sister being nice during the challenge between Riley and the husband her brother chose for her…this is a sister who just doesn’t do nice. Makes one wonder what is really going on.
So sit back, order a drink, and enjoy another riveting visit to Del Fantasma with Riley’s Sparrow.

Book Blurb for Riley's Sparrow

Exiled into the mortal world with one condition—not to use magic—Cheri Aerchere, fairy princess, knows she can’t live on the run forever. She’d used magic, broken the terms of her exile, and now, she has to pay the price.
In order to redeem himself for a night of passion he spent with Cheri, Riley Hawk knows what he has to do—bring her back to the Fae realms to face her punishment, then forget about her. In the world of Fae politics, his feelings are of no consequence.
But once he sees her again, their sexual attraction cannot be denied, and neither can their feelings for one another. Because Cheri has always belonged to Riley, and once he marks her as his mate, nothing, not even the Fae Court, can separate them. Now that he’s found her, it’s up to him to teach her how good it can be to fly…together.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00