Return of the Rogue

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Return of the Rogue

What's a girl to do when she finds herself married to the man who had refused her just a few short years earlier? Make the best of it is what Honora does and that is what makes this story.

Following Honora as she learns to deal with married life, her husband, her in-laws, and escaping the continuing machinations of her step-father while at the same time learning to become her own woman is intriguing in itself. When this story is set in Scotland in the late 1500s it becomes enthralling. In addition to the romance that blooms between Honora and her unexpected husband, the clan is being betrayed and the perpetrator must be found.

Romance and suspense combine to make this a tale well worth reading.

Book Blurb for Return of the Rogue

Marriage was her only means of escape . . .

Though Honora Tannach came of age amid the misty moors of the Scottish highlands, where warring clans battled to the death for the future of their wild land, nothing frightens her so much as a lifetime trapped in the castle of her cruel stepfather. She is thrilled when a marriage is arranged to the son of a Scottish laird . . . until her betrothed is revealed to be Cavan Sinclare. Though the savage warrior once saved her life, Honora knows no one can tame the heart of such a brute, no matter now finely chiseled his features or how enticing his eyes . . . .

After escaping his captors, Cavan's only concern is protecting his clan from the menacing invaders who threaten at every turn-and his beautiful wife is a dangerous distraction. But in the face of fiery passion, their reluctance will fade . . . and Cavan will discover that there is no greater strength than the power of true love.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00