Rednecks 'n' Roses

Amber had not expected to inherit anything from her stingy old aunt so when she found out she now had a house and property she thought she came out rather well, even if the property was in the middle of the boonies. Once she decides to move there and write her novel after being down-sized out of her job, she discovers not only is she out in the sticks with no cell service but there is a body in her bathtub.

This story was a great romp full of colorful and engaging characters. Filled with humor and good fun, not to mention some hot and feisty sex, the reader is carried along by two endearing characters as they discover what they really mean to themselves and each other.

Book Blurb for Rednecks 'n' Roses

Book Length: Novella
What’s a good old country boy vampire supposed to do when a smartass city-slicker female barrels into his life and totally disrupts it? What’s wrong with hunting deer—with a rifle—for their blood, having a bushy beard, drinking beer out of Mason jars and sleeping in the bathtub? And what’s wrong with his name? He was named after his grandfather. Rusty Nipple is a fine name.
Amber arrives at her late aunt’s quiet farm planning to write her vampire romance, only to find a man in her bathtub—a dead man. Only he’s not dead. Well, sort of not dead. What more could a romance writer ask for but her very own vampire hero? He’ll be able to tell Amber things about vampires no other author could ever find out. Her book will skyrocket to the top of the bestseller lists!
But how is she supposed to write about a suave, sexy, debonair vampire if Rusty won’t cooperate?
Publisher’s Note: Previously released in the Nibbles ‘n’ Bits anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50