One Night With You

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One Night With You

Jane is a young widow under the thumb of her late husband's brother and his wife. Her brother-in-law wants her as his mistress; her sister-in-law just wants someone to take care of the children so she can go shopping. Jane just wants to get out and have a life again.

Fortunately, Jane has friends willing to help her and she does manage a night out and who should she run into but Desmond the despised brother-in-law. Thank goodness it's a masque and he doesn't realize it's her! But then there's Seth. Jane and Seth knew each other when they were younger, Seth was courting Jane's older sister and Jane was secretly in love with him. But Seth was spurned by Jane's sister because he didn't have a title so Jane is sure Seth couldn't have an interest in her, especially now that the older brother has died and he has the title now.

Little does Jane know but her alter ego Aurora, as she called herself at the masque, has captured Seth's attentions. He is as determined to find her as Jane is to keep herself away from temptation. But she can't, Jane finds that she needs one more night with Seth.

But that one more night leads to more problems!

An engaging story told by characters the reader can really come to care for - except for the despicable in-laws! A heroine as brave and yet unsure of herself as any of us could be and a hero with an angst and yearning that you just dearly want to help him overcome. A joy to read from start to finish that you hope will be a happy ending but it may take just one more night.

Book Blurb for One Night With You

Anything can happen after dark . . . Tired of being treated like a servant by her own family, Lady Jane Guthrie finally has a chance to escape . . . at least for one night. Attired in a daring gown, she arrives at a scandalous courtesans' masquerade ball looking forward to her few hours of freedom. But when she sees Seth Rutledge, her skin begins to tingle with anticipation. Many years ago, Seth broke her heart by falling for her beautiful, title-hungry sister. But now here he is, right in front of her, offering her his lips . . . Embittered by war, Seth returns home to inherit the title that would have once won him the woman of his dreams. Though duty demands he wed, he's convinced passion no longer has a place in his life . . . until a masked siren sets his heart aflame. Desperate to find her again, he has no idea it's his childhood friend Jane—and that after one night together their lives will never be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00