Magic Man

Book 3 in the Lady In White Series

Ms. Chernow once again combines suspense, hot sex, and mystery to create a suspenseful, page-turning treat of a read.

Anthony Zodan returns home a celebrity. Booked for shows at Bride's Inn, he again meets Crystal Lane whom he knew in high school but could not approach. Can he approach her now and win her heart?

During this same time a young girl is found murdered in the forest nearby. Is Anthony involved or is there something else going on and can the mysterious ghost Bride avert another tragedy?

Book Blurb for Magic Man

Erotic, sensual delights...only a magic man can satisfy her in the dark of night... Dark, mysterious, Anthony Zodan, is a renowned magician with amazing telepathic powers and sleight of hand. When the owners of Bride’s Inn ask him to perform for the guests during the holiday season, he agrees…if only to satisfy his burning curiosity about the hype surrounding the purported ghost, ‘The Lady in White.’ Anthony is a debunker, a magician who seeks the truth behind the world’s most convincing hoaxes and myths. When he meets ethereal Crystal Lane, he wonders if there isn’t some magic in the world after all… Crystal Lane owns the jewelry concession at Bride’s Inn. Her unique gemstones and jewelry designs delight the prospective brides who book the charming old inn for their weddings. But a strange thing happens when Crystal cries - her eyes produce tiny ‘crystal’ tears. She's baffled doctors for years…and now, the Amazing Zodan. When Anthony levitates her during his act, Crystal is plunged into a world of erotic, sensual delights. She meets a mysterious, magic man who awakens passion in her body, a man who makes Crystal beg for his touch throughout the decadent, desire-filled night. Bound by their past, Anthony and Crystal are drawn together, reliving old haunts...and hurts. When Anthony seeks to exploit Crystal and her unique tears, she plunges headlong on a collision course with danger, and it will be up to Anthony to save Crystal and become her... MAGIC MAN.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00