Love's Caress

Dr. Mercy Webber finds herself on the run despite the fact she doesn’t appear anything like her younger, triplet sisters one of whom witnessed something she wasn’t supposed to see. When two strange men show up claiming to be her protectors and that she must run and hide she doesn’t know what to believe. Could the stories her mother told them as youngsters be true and that she would have not one soul mate but two?

The tale starts with Mercy being attacked in a parking garage and doesn’t let the reader go until the end. But is it really the end or just the start of another, more interesting dilemma?  As Mercy deals with the two gorgeous hunks that show up and tell her that they are there to protect her and take her to where her sisters are hiding, they tell her that she is their forever mate, not to mention they are shifters who can take on the form of large and fierce cats. What follows is hot, spell-binding and passionate and leaves the reader panting for more.

Book Blurb for Love's Caress

Pages: 115
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Genre: Ménage, Paranormal, Romance, Shapeshifter, M/F/M
Kinross Series book 3
Mercy Webber thought she'd be safe when her sisters went into hiding. But after a near abduction, she isn't taking chances and runs to the cabin her grandmother left her and her sisters. When two men show up claiming they're there to protect her, she doesn't take any chances. Little did she know that the arrival of Cameron Steele and Ewan Garrick would change her life forever.
Cameron and Ewan thought that they were only going to protect the sister kin of his cousin's new mate when they traveled to Schuyler where Charity Webber's cabin was located. It took seconds for them to realize that Mercy was more than just kin. She was their Tu Braith, their Soul's Mate. When Mercy's attackers find her, they waste no time in seeing to her protection. But when push comes to shove, can Mercy give up all she's known, all she's worked for, for two men who claim to be her mates? Find out in Love's Caress.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50