Lady Six Sky

Will Lady Six Sky be able to defy the naysayers and bring prosperity and greatness back to Saal? And what of the man she chose as husband – will he be content to remain merely a symbol of her power?
An intoxicating blend of impeccable research and vivid imaginings brings an ancient world to life. Ms. Lowe breathes life into her characters and gives them all the nuances of humanity in their strengths, weaknesses, loves, and hates. The reader is swept along as though given some miraculous time traveling ability to experience what life was life in the Mayan world.
But this is not all cold research and data. Emotions run high as well. Hot bodies and hot sex combine with the enchanting story telling to create a tale any reader will treasure.

Book Blurb for Lady Six Sky

It is the year 682, but to the Maya it is the ninth baktun, twelfth katun, tenth tun. Born to a renegade splinter of the noble line of Mutal, Ix Wac Chanil, Lady Six Sky, is unique among Maya princesses. More than an ornament to a great king, she will rule as well as reign. Sent to the ruined kingdom of Saal to restore its royal blood, Chanil has one condition to traveling into the embattled Maya heartland to hold the peace. She gets to choose her own mate. And she chooses well.
Ah Maxam, Tiliw T’ul, is a great artist and respected scribe. She’s wanted him since she was a girl and he was a man in exile. No other man makes her body throb with need. But can she ever believe he wants her as more than a queen? Together, can the intensity of their passion rebuild a kingdom torn apart by generations of war?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.75