King of Cats

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King of Cats

Length: Short Novella

Melody Young owns and runs a no-kill animal shelter started by her mother. Her life is not made easier by the developer who has bought out every landowner but her to build his casino. Melody has no idea how her life will change when she picks up the apparent stray she sees getting hit by a car on her way into work one day.
This book was a fun read – Ty’s attitude is what any girl would dream of in a friend, lover and compatriot. Her battles seem insurmountable until with Ty’s help, she finds the goods that will get the nefarious Merritt out of her life for good.
Definitely a book worth checking out!

Book Blurb for King of Cats

Melody Young is fighting a losing battle to keep her no-kill animal shelter open in the face of opposition from casino developer Stephen Merritt. But her life changes when she rescues a cat that is more than it seems, and meets Ty Felix, who will prove to be both the helping hand she needs in her fight and the lover of which she's always dreamed.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75