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length: short novella

Jude and Avery have a problem. Jude knows there is only one way it can end but he has to convince not only Avery, but also the Shifter Coalition that his theory will work. There was a reason he spent all those years studying the addiction hormone, he was not going to watch Avery suffer through what killed his mother.
The Triad Sacrament is intense!! Wow!! Jude and Avery have a real relationship – through the humorous times as well as the not-so-humorous times. The reader is drawn in and really wants to see Jude and Avery win their battle. 

Book Blurb for Keeper

When Jude Felini, a cat-shifter, learns that the woman he’s loved all his life, a bird-shifter named Avery Dove, carries a hormone that has addicted a non-shifter to her, he has only one chance to save her from being quarantined in an isolated sanitarium. He must resurrect a long-dead shifter ritual, the Triad Sacrament, in order to bind Avery’s pheromones to his and convince the Coalition of Shape Shifters that she can’t addict anyone else. The Triad Sacrament is powerful sexual magic, but while Jude and Avery are both willing to invoke it in order to stay together, they need to convince the Council that it will work. Otherwise, Avery will be imprisoned forever, and Jude will lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.00