Once again the reader is taken on a wild ride through the sex, glamour, and mayhem that is this author’s world of rock music. A fascinating journey with well-developed characters the reader is bound to come to consider dear friends.
Despite her misgivings and her step-sister’s history with the band, Gina is pulled into a world known for its hedonistic and sinful pleasures. Ryan is a hard man to resist even under the best of circumstances but Gina needs to find answers to questions that were never asked years ago when Maria died.
But it seems there are some who don’t want those questions asked, let alone answered and now Gina finds that she may be the next target.
So grab a seat and hang on for the ride, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Book Blurb for Icefire

Shape-shifters rock! Ryan Hawthorne is the charismatic vocalist for the band Pure Wildfire, with the world at his feet. He's also a shape-shifting firebird more than a hundred years old, torn apart by the death of his lover. Maria died of a drugs overdose but Ryan always suspected foul play. Now he's back in New York to find out.

Gina always blamed Ryan for her stepsister Maria's death, but when she meets the devastatingly sexy singer she finds Ryan is the embodiment of all her wet dreams, and she's had plenty.

They set each other's worlds ablaze but they have to find Maria's killers before they get to Gina. Or Ryan will lose her too.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00