Guardian Enjel

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Guardian Enjel

Wounded and left for dead by her team, Miranda is picked up by Raiders and sold into the slave trade. Her life is surprisingly easy, considering her innate healing gift had brought her nothing but pain and derision. Everything changes when her master has her share her bed with a young Enjel.

Yes, yes, YES!! Were the first words out of my mouth when I finished this book. Osias is to die for as always but the best thing was this time there was the sense of completion between Miranda and Osias. The sex between the two was always off the charts. While the trials and tribulations of dealing with Jela's customs may frustrate you hang on. These two get their HEA and you will be standing up and cheering.

Book Blurb for Guardian Enjel

Pages: 175

Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction

Flame Rating: 5 Flames

Miranda Kenzic has come to grips with her life as a slave, but when circumstances bring her an Enjel she has to take a long look at what she really wants in life. Safety, or sanity?

Left for dead by her peers and enslaved by those who found her, Miranda has been enjoying living one day at a time without worrying about healing anyone whose pain called out to her. At her Master's direction, she takes a young Enjel under her wing and helps him through a difficult time in his development. When his Guardian, Osias Aron, comes to retrieve him from their master, she never guessed that she would be brought along for the ride, or that she would find her new owner a man after her own heart. And body.

After an attack that leaves her brutalized and near death, Osias must come to grips with his inability to protect her from the danger that traveled with them, and his lust to have her back in his arms again. Their arrival on his homeworld takes matters out of his hands.

With Miranda ensconced in the Women's Aerie on Jela, Osias is honour bound to engage in his race's customs and practices to win his lady. If only someone else wasn't using those rules to cheat Osias of Miranda's time, everything would go much more smoothly. When a Leap of Faith isn't just a euphemism, Miranda will have to put her life in the hands of the one she loves. Let's just hope the right guy shows up...on time.

WARNING: This book has an assault which may be offensive to some readers, but this time Miranda and Osias get their conclusion.

This book was previously published with another publisher. It has been reedited and lengthened for eXtasy Books.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50