Getting Lucky

Book 1 of the Sisters of Silverwood

Between running for her life after a card game to stretching out in the Presidential Suite at a posh hotel and meeting Henry at the same time Westa Lucidine aka Lucky has to figure she's just, well, lucky!

But meeting Henry Inlough wasn't just a coincidence, and he begins to explain what those strange lights were ten years ago at summer camp.

Ms. Grace is starting off a new series with a bang and with her famous infectious humor and sexy romps. She seems able to make all her heroines and heroes endearing while the bad guys are just plain ugh! Her world-creating ability is totally inspired.

If you've read Viola Grace before and enjoyed it you won't want to miss this new series. If you haven't read any of her books now is the time to start!

Book Blurb for Getting Lucky

When magic began to flee the earth 300 years ago a council of magical beings prepared for its resurgence. It was determined that the next generation of magic would be placed in the hands of the Wild Hunt, a group of warriors of elven descent who rode through the night under the aegis of Artemis, one of the oldest magical creatures in existence. The elves of light argued that they should once again be the guardians, but the other races disagreed. Their guardianship consisted of seducing the new mages and then abandoning the pregnant women for fairie lovers. The word of the council was final and they created a place in the new world for the Wild Hunt to rest and begin to move with the pulse of the new land beneath them. Now, the ladies are coming into their power and Lucky is the first to meet her guardian and 'perfect' man. No matter how hard she tries, the attraction to her new companion is drawing her in in an inexorable wave. If only the light elf would stop trying to sabotage their wobbly relationship and let them have some privacy, Henry…just might Get Lucky.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00