Fangs 'n' Foxes

Darnell DeLouis is a player and as far as he’s concerned he will always be a player. Surely he couldn’t be falling for a Tooth Fairy! And now she is trying to convince him not to fight but he is not hearing anything of the sort, which wouldn’t matter except now this Tooth Fairy is falling as well.

This story did have its moments and seemed well thought out but at other times seemed just a little too sketchy. The characters were there but at times seemed somewhat “over the top”, for me at least. Overall, I just think it could have been done a bit differently.

Book Blurb for Fangs 'n' Foxes

Book Length: Short Novel
Darnell DeLouis, leader of the Trenton, New Jersey Black Guards, an elite vampire group, faces his biggest challenge ever. In three days, he and the head of the Cosa Nostra vampires will duke it out for control of Trenton. But the granddaddy of all cavities has hit Darnell in the right fang. If it doesn’t get fixed, and pronto, he and the Black Guards better start packing…
Tooth Fairy LaLilia Guitry plans to use her unique dental skills to convince Darnell not to fight anymore. It seems simple enough …’til she starts to fall head over fangs for Darnell.
Note: This story was previously published in the anthology Nibbles ‘n’ Bits.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.25