Diva in Denial

As has been said before, knowing what you could or should do and doing what you should are not necessarily the same thing, or easily done for that matter.
Ava has made knowing the right thing to do her lifestyle of choice but when she finds herself divorced and on her own it seems the right thing to do isn’t so easy any more. But change can be good and change can be growth and Ava accepting that change and letting herself become the person she was perhaps meant to be is an enlightening process.
Add in the fact that Devlin is oh-so-hot and oh-so-right-there and you have a read that will keep you spellbound until the final pages, which come oh-so-too-quickly.

Book Blurb for Diva in Denial

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

For newly divorced advice columnist Ava Atwood, the answer is a resounding nobody. As the author of The

Diva's Handbook, a relationship manual for the suburban goddess, she has her hands full solving other people's relationship problems. So when she retreats to her abandoned cottage, the last thing she expects is to find a large black wolf sprawled across her bed.

And the shocks just keep coming. It seems the wolf's enigmatic master has been inhabiting the cottage in her absence. Everything about Devlin—from his elemental passion to his animalistic drive — stirs Ava's long dormant libido. And then there's his penchant for not wearing any clothes…

Ava's content to ignore the nagging suspicions she has about Devlin and hang on while he takes her on the wildest sexual ride of her life. Devlin, however, isn't the type of man who's satisfied with a meaningless fling. But will Ava give him the commitment he seeks when his past forces her to face the truth about her mysterious house guest?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50